Product Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 180 degree protection
  • Anti-fog protection for crystal clear viewing
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Meets Health Canada guidelines


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MySafeFaceShield ™ with Replaceable Visors

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Meeting Health Canada specifications, our MySafeFaceShield™  is suitable for frontline workers, being both lightweight and highly effective and now with a tilting feature. It is recommended that this be used in conjunction with our range of masks to guard against pathogens. Additional replacement visors (set of 4) available for $6.99.
Product Details
  • Environmentally friendly: made from and is a recyclable PET plastic
  • Visor edges coated with Maxtech proprietary solution to help reduce the risk of infection by, or spread of, microorganisms
  • Comes with 4 additional reusable visors
  • Includes one comfortable and durable headband with five replacement visors
  • Reusable visors can be cleaned with soap and wiped with a cloth for continued use
  • Proudly made in Canada