Product Features

  • Antimicrobial copper alloy
  • Multifunctionality; doors, ATMs, Keypads, latches, and many more!
  • Ergonomic Design: designed with you in mind
Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 0.14 cm


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Introducing the MySafeKey ™, a zero contact solution to avoid high-touch surfaces and objects. 
Being back in the world requires you to touch multiple surfaces that aren’t regularly sanitized. With that in mind, we created a multi-purpose tool, the MySafeKey™, which is your key to securely maneuvering our new world.
Our antimicrobial key can be used for a variety of tasks; opening doors, twisting latches, operating touchpads and pushing buttons to name a few.
Product Details
  • Unlike other copper plated products, our keys are made of antimicrobial copper alloy, where pathogens cannot survive, so you’ll never have to sanitize your MySafeKey™
  • All keys are sold with a retractable carabiner which can be easily affixed to your keychain, belt, etc. Ensuring that your MySafeKey™ is always within reach
  • Worldwide patent pending

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